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About AutoSupports.
autosupports was created in 2002 with the purpose to promote an open-wide structural calculation, allowing the simple creation of complex spatial structures, both for two-dimensional as three-dimensional frame cases, in such a way that it allows to predict the balance between the element and its effort in all structure.

The main concern of autosupports is to create a consistent structural calculus by allowing the detailed analysis of the efforts produced by the loads implemented on the frame. To create the correct frame, analyses of the efforts should be the main objective of the structural design.
The use of the program in design of the structures over the years has allowed the program development, obtaining the effectiveness and simplicity by an easily inserting of main frame, by the various views of efforts diagrams and also for both results obtained and the necessary equations. The general structures allows calculation of the most varied types, as it is the use of reinforced concrete, such as columns, beams and foundations, as well as the integration in the calculation of shells or slabs, walls and floors, and also metalic structures, for which it checks its tensions. In the gallery it's possible to see some structures adopted both in the calculation of efforts and also about reinforcement.
- Two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures. 
- Visualization of loads, supports, floors in the form of layers. 
- Insert different mechanical properties of any materials. 
- Visualization of diagrams, efforts, deformations and the envelope for combinations. 
- View diagrams of all efforts, including torsion. 
- Design of reinforcement concrete elements. 
- Possibility to export the drawings in "dxf" format.
In the geometry menu is possible to insert the material properties, also allows several characteristics, since it is possible to introduce for each element diferent mechanical properties. You can change and calculate all structure with different materials.
The calculation is based on the analysis of the structural elements diagrams  and by checking the reinforcement needed step by step. In the program box bellow it is possible to obtain the equations for each element and for each combination.
Reinforcement bars
In the case of reinforced concrete structures and according to the load case, it is possible to design the structure for the type of material indicated. The reinforcement is realized so the node absorbs the transmission efforts between the elements, as can be confirmed in the example image. The reinforcement ensures the necessary bar length, as confirmed in the example structure.
Reinforcement 3D
Reinforcement 3D
The version of autosupports in English can be downloaded on the bellow button. The "zip" file should be unzipped and pressed the execution file "setup_eng.exe" wich installs the program.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
The version of autosupports in Portuguese can be downloaded on the bellow button. The "zip" file should be unzipped and pressed the execution file "setup_pt.exe" wich installs the program.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
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